GE2020: PAP Ng Ling Ling Says She Is Not Perfect After Her Actual Role in SSTI Was Exposed

After her claims that she set up the Social Service Training Institute was exposed to be false, PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling came out to defend herself by saying that she is not a perfect person.

She said: “None of us are perfect and I’ll be the first to confess that I am not a perfect person”.

She also admitted “Bee Heong was the director, and I was a member of her pioneer team. My role was to help operationalise the institute and ensure it’s financially sustainable. Work in the social services sector is a team effort. I had passionate colleagues who inspired me, and I am thankful for the mentorship of many during my journey in NCSS, SSTI and the Community Chest”

So despite her knowing that work in the social services sector is a team effort, she still had the cheek to initially claim all the credit for herself by saying that she was the one who set up SSTI and made it sound like it was her individual effort.

She is so disingenuous, and if not for the fact that her former staff exposed her claims, we will never know the truth. How many more PAP candidates have gotten away with such things, we will also never know until more people come out to expose them.

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