GE2020: PAP Candidate Ng Ling Ling Allegedly Made False Claim About Her Role In SSTI

After a member of the public accused ex-PAP candidate Ivan Lim of being arrogant and elitist, another concerned Singaporean has stepped forward to call PAP candidate Ng Ling Ling out for allegedly making a false claim. According to this Singaporean, Ng Ling Ling had falsely claimed credit for setting up the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI). She was merely an Assistant Director at SSTI while the founding director was Ms Tan Bee Heong.

This concerned Singaporean previously reported directly to Ng Ling Ling when she joined SSTI from September 2004 to August 2006. According to his understanding, Ng Ling Ling joined the founding director Tan Bee Heong AFTER SSTI was started. It therefore seems that Ng Ling Ling was only one of the contributing members of SSTI, and it would be "very misleading and deceptive" of her to publicly claim credit for setting up the team.

The concerned Singaporean was uncomfortable with Ng Ling Ling's public claim as this issue is related to integrity and honesty expected in our political system. So even if this was a Freudian slip on Ng Ling Ling's part, he hopes that she will come forward to acknowledge the hard work of the SSTI team instead of stealing credit. To lend credibility to this story, a Facebook user named "Tan Bee Heong" actually responded to this post, saying "Richard, thanks for the facts!"


There could be more to this story as the concerned Singaporean also said that "I know that I will not vote for her after working with her for two years."

The slate of new PAP candidates have faced mounting public scrutiny and accusations even before Nomination Day. Perhaps Lee Hsien Yang was right to raise questions about the PAP's "rigorous, robust" candidate screening process if such character flaws had slipped past them.

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