GE2020: No Need To Vote For PAP Because They Can Be NCMP

Responding to the WP Pritam Singh’s suggestion that there could be an opposition wipe out this elections, Indranee Rajah dismissed that possibilty and urged Singaporeans to continue voting for PAP because the revamped NCMP scheme guarantees at least 12 opposition MPs in Parliament.

She said:

“There is a suggestion that you have to have opposition elected, in elected seats, in order to have a voice in parliament. That’s not correct. I urge you to go back to look at the last round of constitutional amendments that we did with respect to the NCMP seats.

We increased the number, the total number, of opposition seats from nine to 12.

That means taking into account, if you add in, the elected ones plus NCMP it goes up to twelve.

Which means that no matter what the outcome of this election, and even if PAP took all the elected seats, you will still have 12 opposition seats in Parliament at a minimum, and of course in addition you have NMPs. And the powers of the NCMP were also extended to full rights.”

But by the same logic, it can also be argued that there is no need to vote for the PAP because even if everyone votes for the opposition, they will also be guaranteed at least 12 seats in parliament.

So to those people who are scared to lose whatever merits the PAP brings to the table, they rest assure that the PAP will continue to have a presence in parliament where they can continue their efforts to help Singaporeans.

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