GE2020: IB Page Fabrications About the PAP Violates Facebook Policies And Gets Shut Down

GE is coming and Facebook is stepping up efforts to clamp down on pages and accounts that they claim have “inauthentic behaviour”. And the PAP IB page “Fabrications about the PAP” was not spared.

Facebook said:

“We’ve taken action on several accounts in Singapore for violating our policies. These accounts were discovered during our ongoing proactive work to find and take action on accounts that violate our policies.”

It is so funny because even Facebook knows that FAP is IB page and is “inauthentic” and is not a true representation of the voice of ordinary Singaporeans. Basically Facebook has called the bullshit on FAP.

Jason Chua Chin Seng must be so sad now to be out of a job during this Covid19 crisis some more. But we won’t worry too much about him since he can now qualify for the Covid19 financial help for the unemployed.

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