GE2020: Did PAP’s Ivan Lim Indirectly Admit Allegations Against Him By Withdrawing From Election?

Last night Ivan Lim issued a statement which says that because his saga has "eclipsed" the elections, and for his family who have been traumatised, he will be withdrawing from the elections. 
Or can it also be seen that because he could no longer defend himself against the testimonies of his past behaviours, the way he badly treated his staff and men under him, that he decided to withdraw in case more dirt on him gets exposed? 
Indirectly, then, isn't he admitting that the allegations against him are true? Because if they were not, he could have easily sued those who made the claims against him for defamation, a play in the PAP book that so many of his seniors have used before. The fact that he did not, just proves that there could be some truth in the allegations.

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