GE2020: Petition for Ivan Lim to Be Removed From This General Elections

A petition to kick Ivan Lim out of GE2020 was started on 26 June 2020 after comments about the new PAP candidate being arrogant and elitist were circulating widely on social media

About 3385 people have signed the petition by 11.30am on 27 June, Saturday morning. 

The petition "Petition to remove Ivan Lim from GE" to the PAP states:

Ground sentiment from Singapore voters whether Ivan Lim should be a MP.

Sign this if you DO NOT WANT him to be a MP.

Regardless of whether he is in PAP or any Opposition Parties, we do not want him to become a MP.

Despite Masagos Zulkifli ineffectively defending Ivan Lim, it is plain to see that many Singaporeans doubt his character and his ability to be an MP who can empathise with ordinary Singaporeans.

Even if he eventually does not contest in this election, the fact that the PAP recruited such an arrogant person raises questions about the type of members the PAP have and the qualities they look for in candidates. The PAP has really lost touch with the ground. The cheek of them to ask for a strong mandate!



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