GE2020: PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim Defends Himself Against Online Criticisms

Ivan Lim has tried to explain himself in response to online criticisms and maintained that he will not back out from contesting. He did not apologise for his arrogant behaviour and instead gave his version of stories with regards to the incidents posted online.

Referring to the NS incident, Ivan Lim said that he was setting high standards as a CO and that "people can have different perspectives of the same incident".

On the post by a former colleague in Keppel, Ivan Lim again said he was setting high standards because the industry "is a tough and exacting one".

He said the allegation that he was involved in a corruption case involving Bazilian projects was false. 

As for him being cold towards his neighbour in the lift, Ivan Lim said he did "not recall a specific incident" and "I know some neighbours better than others and interact with some more than others".

Ivan Lim even brought in his mother to gain sympathy from the public, saying she was very affected by this whole thing.

Did he not expect his past to haunt him when he step into politics? Does he think the public will be satisfied by his response?

He admitted that "this test has come sooner than I expected" but "I am determined to stay the course and to serve if I am elected".

Well then, he has a very tough road to prove himself since he has chosen a career where he is supposed to serve instead of being yaya papaya. If he can't take the reality, then he has chosen the wrong path. He can go back to his shipyard and enjoy sitting up there as a GM.


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