GE2020: Ho Ching Sides With PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim

Empress Dowager Ho Ching has taken a side on the Ivan Lim issue. Yesterday, she shared a post on her Facebook comparing PAP new candidate Ivan Lim with Kee Chiu and Kate Spade who used to be mocked by people, implying that Ivan Lim can soon prove the people wrong.

The post Madam Ho shared was by Facebook page Singapore Matters which is known to be carrying balls for the ruling party. The post states:

“They used to mock Tin Pei Ling very mercilessly when she first stood for election in 2011 just based on a photo and a video. They knew little about her but they were ready to write her off.

But Tin Pei Ling proved them all wrong. She was far from what they painted of her.

For many years, they used to mock Chan Chun Sing too and called him ‘keechiu’. They laughed at his English and poked fun at him.

And he proved them wrong. In this COVID-19 crisis, he is the one busy making sure Singapore remains connected to the world. He is the one ensuring that supply chains do not get cut off. He is the one making sure food supplies and essential items continue to flow. He is the one making e-agreements with like-minded countries, beginning with a few and getting more and more countries on board. He is the one securing billions of dollars in foreign investment despite this challenging covid situation.

Back in 2011, many jumped on the bandwagon to attack Tin Pei Ling and many realised later on how wrong they were.

So don’t be too quick to judge when your judgement is a superficial one based on someone’s comment on social media whose motive you cannot examine.”

By sharing this post, Madam Ho has shown that she cannot differentiate between mocking and testimonies of serious character issues from people who have crossed path with Ivan Lim.

Now that the Ivan Lim matter cannot be dismissed and after Masagos and Heng Swee Keat failed to calm the ground, the Empress Dowager takes it upon herself to give Ivan Lim whatever boost she can. This is further making the PAP look bad as they need to launch a coordinated response to support their fellow elitist.

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