GE2020: Red Dot United Introduces Alec Tok As Fifth Candidate For Jurong GRC

Red Dot United has unveiled its fifth and final candidate for the five-member Jurong GRC. Theatre director Alec Tok Kim Yam, 55, will be joining his peers Secretary-General Ravi Philemon, Chairperson Michelle Lee, entrepreneur Liyana Dhamirah and legal engineer Nicholas Tang. This team includes diverse members with a range of ages, as well as two female candidates who will serve the Jurong residents and citizens to the best of their ability.

Even though Alec Tok is the most senior team member, he is one of the youngest at heart and brings along a wealth of experience. For instance Alec Tok has strong credentials in his field, attaining a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Yale University. He also had the privilege of directing Singapore’s first Chinese musical.

Alec Tok has strong faith that Singaporeans have the choice to make a better live for ourselves. This can be seen through his political motto “Singapore is ours. We must care for it, take charge of it and guide it to a future that we want for ourselves, our children and their future generation. Only we have this privilege, because we are Singaporean.”

Alec Tok also believes Singapore’s strength lies in our diversity of ideas and views. He says that “we have come this far because different ideas were allowed to contest and compete to shape our economic, social and security landscape.”

Having announced their five-member team, Red Dot United is now ready to contest Jurong GRC. The party is confident that this team will accurately represent its values and principles, as the team puts the people of Singapore at the centre of all they do.

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