GE2020: PAP Defends Ivan Lim Against Elitist Criticisms, Reveals Their Own Elitism and Arrogance

As if it’s not bad enough that people who have known or worked with new PAP candidate Ivan Lim has called him out on his elitist and arrogant behaviour and character, PAP Vice-Chairman Masagos Zulkifli has now come out to defend him.

Masagos said: “GE (general election) is the time where people who have been introduced will also elicit responses (such as these), which are not surprising,”

Excuse me, only lousy candidates that have poor track record with the people he has worked with will elicit such responses. If the candidate has a clean record, and has qualities like compassion, down-to-earth nature, people will not come out to criticise him.

He added: “but I also think it is important for the candidates who may have been alleged to be something or other, to also prove themselves…if they have done something in the past, to redeem themselves, because we have seen qualities in all our candidates that make them, what we think, good leaders that will serve our people well.”

It is quite plain to see that many people do no have anything good to say about this Ivan Lim. This makes it curious what so called “qualities” the PAP sees in him? Maybe they see his elitist and arrogance as qualities since so many of them are also like that? Or maybe PAP is just defending him because they have no better candidates to offer and they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to field people for their elitist and arrogant party.

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