GE2020: Tan Jee Say Announced The Dissolution Of SingFirst Party

On 25 June, the Secretary-General of Singaporeans First (SingFirst) Party Tan Jee Say announced its dissolution. In a statement posted on Tan Jee Say’s Facebook page, the SingFirst Central Executive Committee (CEC) said it made this decision “in the best interests of Singapore.”

SingFirst shared that its guiding principle has always been on fostering opposition unity and cooperation, and pointed out how it had abided by this principle by avoiding three-cornered fights during GE2015. Fostering greater unity and cooperation between parties will create a strong opposition to check on the government and provide an alternative voice for Singaporeans. And in order to achieve a strong opposition, the party believes that a strong opposition is best achieved with consolidation.

To show its commitment to consolidation, SingFirst shared that the party had redirected quite a few who wanted to join it to other parties. SingFirst also encourages its members to join and help other parties for GE2020. It said that some ex-party members are already active in different parties. One such prominent member would be Dr Ang Yong Guan, who is currently with the Progress Singapore Party.

SingFirst thanked Singaporeans for their support, and said that it was an honour and privilege to advocate on Singaporeans’ behalf.

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