GE2020: Red Dot United Announces Fourth Candidate For Jurong GRC

Red Dot United announced its fourth member who will be contesting in Jurong GRC. Nicholas Tang Jian Ye is a 28 year old legal engineer at Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP. He obtained a law degree from King's College London, and his political motto is "for a more accountable Singapore." 

Nicholas Tang feels that young Singaporean adults currently lack a voice on the political stage. He entered politics to better understand the problems faced by his peers, and he wants to improve the lives of future generations. He believes that the experiences and challenges he faces as a young Singaporean in an increasingly daunting and globalised world are representative of his generation.

Being the youngest team member of Red Dot United, Nicholas Tang hopes to engage and energise youths in Singapore to participate in the political process. He "easy and calm demeanour" gives him an edge in having better interactions with young adults.

Nicholas Tang has always been interested in political and social issues, and holds a belief that it is the duty of every citizen to participate in civil discourse.

This announcement comes a day after Red Dot United unveiled three of its five member Jurong GRC team: Secretary-General Ravi Philemon, Chairperson Michelle Lee and entrepreneur Liyana Dhamirah.


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