GE2020: PAP Candidate Ivan Lim Called Out as Elitist

A Singaporean has exposed PAP new candidate Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan, the GM of Keppel Offshore & Marine as an elitist who was never well liked by his battalion when he was CO because of his condescending attitude. He apparently had a habit of boasting about his personal achievements and drove around camp in expensive cars.

Just like many PAP members sitting in their ivory towers, it is unfathomable how such politicians can empathise with ordinary citizens and be their voice in parliament.

On 24 June, netizen Bryan Wong Hai Chew wrote on Facebook:

“Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan
CO of my ex-NS Combat Engineer Battalion.

Happened during an outfield exercise in Khatib Bongsu in approx 2013/2014 and i was the acting Battalion RSM.

While both of us were inside the air-conditioned Battalion HQ tentage, the respective platoon and section commanders were led into the tentage by the OC for an exercise briefing. Ivan Lim did not like it and using a condescending voice, he reminded all that they are just platoon and section commanders and they were not supposed to set foot into Battalion HQ tentage. I was disgusted. His action and speech were simply that of an elitist.

There were other instances during Battalion briefings where he would always peppered the briefings with his personal achievements (How he is a GM at a shipyard, how many people reporting to him at work etc). He was never well liked by the soldiers and commanders of the Battalion due to his constant “humble brag” and driving around camp in his expensive cars.

So now he is going into politics to represent the ordinary folks in Parliament. With his character and personality – Will he?

I wish him well.”

This is the kind of candidate the PAP recruits. Think carefully, fellow Singaporeans if you want more elitists in parliament who cannot understand your concerns.

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