Filial Son: Appeal to Ministers To Allow Malaysian Relatives A Last Visit To My Dying Mother

Dear All Singapore Stuff team,

My details and my story are as follow:

My name: Mr. Jayce Lim Chun Sing (Singapore citizen)
Mother’s name: Madam Lian Sai Poh (Singapore citizen, birth country Malaysia)

Ever since my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer in NUH in the middle of May, I have been in correspondence with my mother’s MP Mr. Murali Pillai from late May.

I initially wrote to ask for advice on the support I could receive and he has been very prompt in attending to my emails, getting support for me and even following up closely on my mother’s condition. I am extremely grateful to his responses.

However, her condition deteriorated rapidly despite getting chemotherapy quickly. With that in mind, I made the request of allowing her to visit her sisters in Malaysia for a compassionate reason for a final reunion while she could still travel, as I am her only kin in Singapore and it is her final wish to be able to see her sisters again before it’s too late. Her sisters have expressed a desperate wish to come visit her for one final time too as they have not seen each other in person for nearly 5 years.

Mr. Murali helped to write to Minister Mr. Lawrence Wong on my request. Unfortunately, as both countries are still in discussion on the borders reopening, my request could not be fulfilled.

Following that, my mother’s condition again deteriorated drastically within a week and I felt I had no choice but to try asking Mr. Murali again. He regretfully responded that it is still not possible to allow such visitation.

The NUH team has been helping me greatly in this aspect as well by keeping relevant parties updated about my mother’s condition and validating her very much shortened prognosis now, which was just briefed to me today that it could just be a mere matter of days.

I am sharing this story, and hope that you would help share it on your platform too, in sincere hope that it can reach the Ministers of both countries and they can consider the very little time my mother has left, and allow our relatives from Malaysia to visit her so she can pass on peacefully. I have expressed that I am willing to foot all COVID-19 testing bills for all parties, on both countries, so as not to burden the healthcare system.

Best regards,
Mr. Jayce Lim

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