Pasir Ris Mini Mart Allegedly Disregards Hygiene

Heng's minimart at postcode 510567 (Pasir Ris St 51).

Over the years business has grown so much so that there is a complete disregard for hygiene, misuse of unmarked common areas, storage of foodstuff in utility compartments, preparing and selling food at common area and disregard for the safety of residents.

1) Installation of immovable equipment like freezers in unmarked common area.

2) Use of unauthorised fixtures eg. metal shelves on walls and pillars in the common area.

3) Overhead storage of goods up to ceiling height in disregard for the safety of people. The overhead exhaust ventilation outlet of freezers are often blocked by boxes increasing the risk of fire. Just wonder who is liable in case of injury, death or fire. A child care centre is only 30 metres away from this danger.

4) The lift lobby area is a socialising point for residents. It is being blocked and used like a factory floor to pack foodstuff like frozen meat, vegetables etc. Packed in plastic bags, it's often left on the dirty lobby floor. Goods are also left within this area. A disused dirty freezer is placed in a marked area not for retail sales but to serve as a worktop.

5) One can count some 10 surveillance cameras covering the common area, including the lift lobby, the handicap parking lot and beyond, even our letter boxes area. Our privacy is compromised. In contrast the police have only 2 cameras, one facing the lift doors, the other at the staircase.

6) It's unbelievable, but yes, some 8~10 utility compartments on the ground floor are illegally used for storage of goods, including onions, potatoes and dried mushroom (see pic).

7) Even the area surrounding our letter boxes are not spared. There is no natural ventilation or sunlight because of the full length bamboo blinds installed by the minimart at its immediate sides.

8) The cluttered common area makes it difficult for wheelchair users and others to access into the multi storey and open carparks. It's also congested when students from Meridian Secondary School congregate here after school for their instant noodle and sugary drinks fix.

The attached pictures or any other pictures on request support this complaint. Looking to the relevant authorities taking action on the matter.

Thank you

Contributor Kenny

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