GE2020: Reform Party Gives Way to PSP to Avoid Three-Cornered Fight in West Coast

West Coast residents and all Singaporeans will remember the Reform Party (RP) for graciously giving up their ward to make things easier for the PSP who is seeking to contest in West Coast GRC.

It definitely was not easy for RP to come to this decision given the party’s “strong emotional connection” to West Coast, as written by Kenneth Jeyaretnam in RP’s Facebook announcement, but they are doing this for the greater opposition unity. A few weeks back, talks between the leaders of both parties over claims to West Coast GRC had previously been unsuccessful.

In the early hours of 24 June, RP wrote on its Facebook:

“We have been in long talks with Dr Tan Cheng Bock and his assistant SG Leong Mun Wai. We believe the greater cause at this moment in time is Opposition unity and contesting where everyone has the greatest chance of winning seats. We also recognise that Dr Tan has a tough fight on his hands despite it being his old stomping ground and we do not wish to hinder his progress. It is vital that there be no 3-corner fights this GE!”

RP will contest Ang Mo Kio (GRC) along with Yio Chu Kang (SMC) and Radin Mas (SMC) while PSP cuts the number of constituencies it is contesting.

We hope this arrangement is for the best of both parties and that RP’s sacrifice to avoid a three-cornered fight will be worth it.

Last week, RP secretary-general Kenneth Jeyaretnam unveiled six candidates during a Facebook livestream. They are:
1. Andy Zhu (party chairman)
2. Darren Soh
3. Madam Noraini Yunus
4. Gurdev Singh
5. Mahaboob Batcha
6. Charles Yeo.

PSP has also unveiled 6 new candidates yesterday:
1. Choo Shaun Ming
2. Tan Meng Wah
3. Abas Kasmani
4. Kayla Low
5. Harish Pillay
6. Ang Yong Guan

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