GE2020: Red Dot United Unveils Candidates For Jurong GRC

Red Dot United, Singapore’s newest political party, has revealed some candidates contesting in the five-member Jurong GRC. Red Dot United shared that three of its five candidates will include Secretary-General Ravi Philemon, Chairperson Michelle Lee, and 33-year-old Ms Liyana Dhamirah. Red Dot United will reveal its remaining two members closer to Nomination Day.

According to her candidate profile sent to All Singapore Stuff, Liyana Dhamirah is an author of “Homeless: The Untold Story of a Mother’s Struggle in Crazy Rich Singapore” and entrepreneur of Virtual Assistants Singapore, which serves companies around the world. She was also awarded “Woman of Resilience” by AWARE in 2019. Her political motto includes sparking hope for millions who want to pursue their big dreams without oppressive limitations. She also hopes to inspire those who want to live in a world of compassion, inclusion and happiness. Once elected, Liyana Dhamirah will tap on her depth of life experiences to champion the needs of families, entrepreneurs and the marginalized in both Parliament and at her constituency. She also intends to tackle pressing issues like the increasing cost of living and inequality.

Red Dot United is keen to contest in Jurong GRC because many of its party members grew up there, giving them an affection for this constituency. Red Dot United also mentioned its preparations to contest in Jurong GRC is based on the event that there is no other opposition party taking part for this same constituency. However, Peoples Voice Party might be intending to contest in the same ward based on Lim Tean’s 19 June 2020 Facebook post.

While Red Dot United is preparing to do its best for Jurong GRC voters, it needs proposers, seconders and assentors to support its contest in Jurong GRC. The party faces some difficulty reaching out to voters in this constituency due to Covid19 restrictions. Those willing to lend their support can send a response to reddotunited

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