GE2020: Lee Hsien Yang Says You Can Love Singapore And Yet Not Vote For PAP

In a PSP video message from Lee Hsien Yang, he left Singaporeans with 3 thoughts.

First, he said that the PAP has lost its way. He said that the current government is distinctly different from when LKY was PM and subsequently MM.

Second, he said that it is possible to be a loyal Singaporean, to be proud of our past accomplishments, to love Singapore and yet to not vote PAP.

Third, he lent his support to the PSP and Dr Tan Cheng Bock, and asked Singaporeans to help contribute to PSP, or to spread the word that the PSP is a serious party worthy of support.

Looks like the sibling rivalry has spilt into the political arena as Lee Hsien Yang has chosen to throw his weight behind an opposition party instead of supporting his brother in PAP. It remains to be seen if Lee Hsien Yang will stand for elections, although many of us are hoping that he will to give his brother a good run for his money.

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