GE2020: Tin Pei Ling Kpkb About Doctored Banner Again

As if one police report was not enough, Kate Spade princess Tin Pei Ling made a second police report about the doctored Chinese New Year banner apparently because it re-emerged again. Mind you, it was a CNY banner so that was half a year ago since the first report. How coincidental that she is making a police report when elections is just around the corner.

In January, a photoshopped image of the MP in a CNY banner in Macpherson went viral on social media. The doctored image featured miss Tin wearing a low-cut cheongsam outfit with the words “ENJOY HAPPY SAVINGS with Government U-SAVE Rebates!” and “Vote PAP for Prosperity and Power!”. Tin then took to her Facebook to voice her displeasure, saying “the doctored version contained a photoshopped image of me. It is so crass that I would not even put it up here. I do not know who committed such mischief. But it is clear that the person or party behind this has no respect for women.” We wonder which party she was thinking about.

Yesterday, Tin posted screenshots of a Tan Melissa’s post of the doctored banner captioned “so eager to campaign! Using sex to sell votes?”. Tin wrote that she made a police report on this as well:

“Hi all, you may remember I posted on 21 Jan 2020 that a photo containing a doctored version of my CNY greeting banner was circulated. The doctored version contained a photoshopped image of me and superimposed messages that were fabricated. Objectifying women in that manner was a clear lack of respect for women. I made a Police report then and the culprit was caught.
However, this doctored, i.e. FAKE, photo is now being circulated online again (see example below).”

How convenient that Tin Pei Ling can make a police report and gain the sympathy of her constituency during election time. Why is she wasting police resources when mata already have so many things on their hands? Who wants to vote for a crybaby?

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