GE2020: MSM Smears Peoples Voice Party Lim Tean Over Bankruptcy Claims

The 158th state media published a story about Peoples Voice Party (PVP) Secretary-General Lim Tean facing two bankruptcy applications over $1.45 million. The Straits Times claimed that Lim Tean is facing applications from DBS Bank over a $549,378 debt and a trading company Sing Wing (I & E) over a debt of about $905,000. ST conveniently included a sentence that the Singapore Constitution disqualifies undischarged bankrupts from becoming Members of Parliament.

Later that night, Lim Tean responded to this smear article with a Facebook post “When You Fear, You Smear!”. Lim Tean rubbished ST’s claims about him about to become bankrupted, clarifying that “Let me make it clear. I am not going to be bankrupted, and it is total rubbish that I owe $1 450 000!” He even shared how ST faked that they tried calling him for comments because he never received any calls or queries.

This is the second attempt by the state media to smear PVP. They previously tried to paint Lim Tean as a potential bankrupt over a $209,000 loan incident with a Shanghai businessman. Naturally this case was closed after Lim Tean successfully settled the debt and legal costs.

With such a timed article ahead of a General Elections, this only shows how the establishments are feeling threatened by PVP. The party has gained a surge in popularity during Circuit Breaker due to the incompetent mishandling of Covid19 by the elites. Ordinary hardworking Singaporeans are also increasingly becoming attracted to PVP’s ideals. Therefore such smear campaigns only serve to pull wool over voters’ eyes and to cripple the party even before GE2020 is called.

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