GE2020: Is Tan Wu Meng So Desperate To Win That He Has To Resort To Playing Racial Politics?

In PAP MP Tan Wu Meng’s smear campaign against WP’s Pritam Singh, he said this in relation to local playright Alfian Sa’at:

“This man grew up in Singapore. Singapore gave him his education and he earns a living here. An education and a living that is denied to many minorities in the region.”

Somehow Tan seems to be insinuating that Alfian, as a minority, should be grateful for having been done the special favour of receiving an education from the benevolent majority, as if Singaporean minorities need the goodwill of the benevolent majority to be given an education, as if that goodwill is contingent on Singaporean minorities being subservient and toeing the line. Are Singaporean minorities full citizens with full democratic and civic rights, or are we just “window dressing” that must learn our place?

Tan’s statement is all the more egregious if one considers that Alfian, as an indigenous person, has rights that are enshrined in the constitution of Singapore, and that are inviolable regardless of his role in our society or in politics.

I don’t know what the hell’s going on in the PAP’s ranks, but our founding political leaders must be stirring in their graves to see this non-entity, this riff-raff of a 4G leader racialising his diatribe against a private citizen. Why compare the treatment of minorities in Singapore to other countries to make a point? This is just so irresponsible.

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