GE2020: Is the PAP Having Difficulty Recruiting Candidates From The Private Sector?

So far, the 154 media has publicly announced a few potential PAP candidates for the upcoming general elections and they have been all from public sector – either the military or civil service:

Gan Siow Huang – Former Brigadier-General at SAF
Tan Kiat How – Former Chief Executive at IMDA
Yip Hon Weng – Former Group Chief at MOH
Ng Ling Ling – Former Director at MOH
Desmond Tan – Former Chief Executive at PA

More names should be announced soon as the elections looms near, but it will not be a surprise if the rest will also be from the public sector. And because the PAP is recruiting increasingly from the public sector, it is going to be seen as more and more insular, and will find it ever harder to recruit from the private sector.

It is a vicious cycle that will see the PAP becoming more and more homogenous than it is already. The last thing we need is more ‘yes’ men running the country.

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