Covid19: A Collective Effort Needed To Overcome The Pandemic

In order for us to completely get out of this Covid19 pandemic, each and everyone one of us has and must play a part which sadly I observed is not happening.

Recently The Govt introduced TraceTogether and Safe Entry App for effective contact tracing when an infected case surfaces. As I depend heavily on public transportation for my daily work commute; the minute I leave my house for work, I automatically switch on the Bluetooth which activates the TraceTogether App. Before I tap on the ticket turnstiles at the LRT Station, I will scan the Safe Entry App Check In and upon exiting the MRT Station I will again use the Safe Entry App to check out.

What bemuses me is when I am doing either check-in or check-out, many commuters did gave me that weird look like as if I am ‘siao’ to take time to do that. I don’t blame them as most of them are either rushing to work, ignorant or lazy. On board the trains when our Country was in Phase 1, I observed on many mornings and evenings couples blatantly disregarding the safe distancing and holding hands or hugging each other. There were occasions when the same can be seen on the escalators.

This to me is pure selfishness as it will only exacerbate the situation, resulting in a 2nd wave of infections which definitely our export based economy can ill afford. Perhaps to encourage all to use both the TraceTogether and Safe Entry App a transport rebate of 50 cents can be awarded to the end user. When counted per day does look like a small amount, but for 20 work days of a month amounts to S$ 10/-.

As for couples not complying with the Safe Distance advice whilst onboard trains; could the train officers, Certis or Aetos APO speak to these couples politely and issue a written stern warning. Thereafter report to the Station Control Room to input into the data system. If the same couple is caught failing to comply with Safe Distancing Rule then it is only appropriate to issue a composition fine of S$ 300/-.

As a responsible citizen of Singapore I am looking forward towards a collective effort in combating and overcoming this Covid19 pandemic sooner than later.

Thank you very much

Libran Citizen (pseudonym)

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