GE2020: Political Parties Tap On Technology To Spread Their Word

With the upcoming General Elections expected to be held soon, many speculate that GE2020 will be held while Covid19 is still around. While the Elections Department (ELD) has not released its campaigning rules, there has been talk that GE2020 may be a virtual GE campaign due to social distancing measures in place. Many political parties have stepped up their game to overcome the Covid19 challenges by going online.

Netizens have seen how adaptable parties have been in using cutting-edge technology like Facebook Live and Zoom conferences to spread their voices to voters and residents. The Progress Singapore Party has already held three Zoom sessions with residents in the West side of Singapore to "MeetPSP". The Workers' Party Youth Wing (WPYW) held a Facebook Live webinar on 14 Jun titled "Re-imagining a Post-COVID Singapore".

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary-General of The Reform Party is another party which has gone ahead to adopt technology. The Reform Party announced that it will be holding a Google Meet and Facebook Livestream for a video outreach on 15 Jun. The Reform Party will be fielding a panel to discuss where the party stands on policy issues which are relevant to all Singaporeans.

Political parties have traditionally depended on the state media to spread their campaigning messages, but this has been heavily criticised as the PAP has allegedly been given more exposure by these media. However such virtual meetings has levelled the playing field for the opposition parties by ensuring their voices have adequate airtime.

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