GE2020: People’s Power Power Will Work Towards Opposition Unity Despite SDA Holding Off Membership Applications

The Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) Secretary-General Abu Mohamed told the Straits Times on 11 June that the membership applications from four parties have been put on hold. The parties were named as People's Power Party (PPP), Reform Party (RP), Singaporeans First (SingFirst) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). It seems that SDA was focusing on ramping up its preparations for the upcoming General Elections which many speculate will be a July GE2020.

PPP Secretary-General Goh Meng Seng clarified in a Facebook post that the PPP has never submitted any membership application to join SDA. What happened instead was PPP just asked for a preliminary discussion with the SDA leaders about the possibility of forming an alliance to strengthen Opposition Unity. 

Despite SDA temporarily putting off membership applications, PPP will continue to working towards opposition unity and collaboration with all parties.

PPP believes a united opposition parties is urgently needed to fight the PAP's dominant rule and counter their incompetencies with proper checks and accountability.

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