GE2020: SDP, WP, PSP Making Calls For Volunteers

With talk of Singapore's General Elections being called soon, many political parties have tried to get the Elections Department (ELD) to release campaigning rules. However their requests have been brushed aside with excuses that all parties will have "enough time to prepare their physical campaigning strategies".

There have been speculations both by the state media and netizens that GE2020 will be called in July 2020. According to the latest campaigning guidelines by ELD, it seems that the PAP may be keen to hold the GE in the midst of a Covid19 pandemic.

Not to be outmaneuvered by the PAP while idling waiting for ELD to release its rules, major political parties like the Singapore Democratic Party, The Workers' Party and Progress Singapore Party have proactively made calls for donations, volunteers and members to help with their campaigns.

All political parties need whatever support they can get in their campaign against the ruling party, which is advantaged due to its access to the 158th media and other major media channels.

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