GE2020: ELD’s Reasons For Not Announcing Campaigning Rules Do Not Stand Up To Scrutiny!

It is no doubt that the elections are coming. The Elections Department has announced guidelines for polling and nomination during this Covid19 period but continues to to be evasive about campaigning rules.

“When asked if ELD will give a timeline for when these rules may be released, it said political parties and candidates will be given “enough time to prepare their physical campaigning strategies”.

Really? Will enough time be given to ALL candidates or only candidates from a particular party?

How can the ELD say that there will be enough time for all candidates, especially the opposition, to prepare for their physical campaign strategies when the ELD does not know, and is not supposed to know when the elections will be called? Only Lee Hsien Loong decides when to call for elections.

Unless the ELD is in cahoots with LHL about when the elections will be held?

Also, even if the situation is ever-changing with Covid, is there anything wrong with announcing the rules first then updating it later should there be any changes required?

The reasons given by the ELD is so weak that it holds no water. Instead, it just sounds like they are buying time for the ruling party and disadvantaging the opposition. But then again, this is no surprise since the ELD is under the umbrella of the Prime Minister’s Office. Smelly.

ASS Loyal Reader Ang

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