Samaritan Stops To Help Delivery Rider In Pain

A Facebook user shared about his encounter with a GrabFood rider who experienced stomach pain while making a delivery.

The kind samaritan was on his way home after sending his child to school. Based on his photos, the samaritan was in a car waiting at a road junction when he say the rider collapse with his motorcycle. The driver went to check on the rider and realised the rider looked very pale and his body was cold. The rider repeatedly said his stomach was in pain.

The driver managed to assist the rider to mount his bike, and advised him to go home and rest. However, the delivery rider insisted he had to send and complete his last order. At this moment, the driver offered to escort the rider home and send the last order on the rider's behalf.

In the samaritan's own words:

"Objective of this msg is to share the hard work of Bros and Sis doing delivery… Times like this is not easy. Sometimes if they are slightly late, its definitely not intentional. I hope Singaporeans will have more emphaty towards them, especially times like now when delivery is on a rise. Coming from delivery background myself, I know and understand how tough it can be. But always remember… Health comes 1st. If really feeling unwell, take the day to rest and nurse your health back. Hopefully this young man will recover soon and be back on his delivery route again….."

Netizens have sent outpourings of messages for the driver's kind act. We also wish to highlight the rider's professionalism in thinking about his delivery, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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