YouTube Channel Teaches About SPass And EPass Employment

A YouTube Channel to share everything about Singapore has caught the attention of many local netizens. The Channel aims to make Singapore “feel like a home” to its viewers by answering all queries about Singapore such as travel, work and things to do here.

The YouTuber aired her first video in February 2020 when Singapore raised its DORSCON level from Yellow to Orange. However, many netizens noticed that subsequent videos by this Channel focused on empowering its viewers with knowledge and tips about employment and settling down in Singapore. Examples of these videos include:

1. Explaining the difference between SPass and EPass
2. How to get a job and work in Singapore
3. Singapore contract jobs
4. Checking Singapore work visa status online
5. Singapore Employment Pass Salary Increasing from May 2020
6. Will Covid19 end jobs for foreigners in Singapore?

Singaporean netizens have voiced concerns about job opportunities and reduced income amid the pandemic. With this YouTuber encouraging more FTs to seek employment here and the supposed facilitation by CECA, Singaporeans worry that they will have to struggle for PMET job vacancies during this difficult time.

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