Ironic That Fate Of Grand Prix Can Be Decided Sooner Than Announcement Of General Election Rules

The Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix has traditionally been held on September since 2008. With the Covid19 pandemic this year, the fate of the Singapore Grand Prix remains uncertain. However,  the Minister for Trade and Industry (MTI) Chan Chun Sing told reporters over the weekend that an announcement will be made this week. This is after Singapore apparently completes "some studies done on what is doable and what is not doable".

According to many experts and political observers, Singapore may also experience another major event in 2020 – the Singapore General Elections (GE). This comes after repeated calls by PAP ministers about the urgent need to call for an elections before April 2021. The state media Straits Times even published an article suggesting that the Singapore GE could be held in early July 2020.

Due to this "urgency" to call for an elections, the Workers' Party (WP) called for the government to "publish election campaign rules forthwidth" so that all political parties have a clear idea of how they can campaign safely despite the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. However, the same MTI minister Chan Chun Sing excused the Elections Department (ELD) saying that they have to explore various scenarios and rules due to the "evolving" Covid19 situation. When the ELD is ready, election candidates and parties will be given "sufficient time" to know the rules and regulations.

If the GE is to be held on July 2020, does it seem ironic that the fate of the Grand Prix (which will be held later in September 2020) can be decided earlier than the announcement of GE campaign rules?

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