Covid19: Is Grace Fu a Minister for Singaporeans or AMDKs?

At a dialogue on race yesterday, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Minister Grace Fu said that the Covid19 outbreak has increased tensions between foreigners and locals. She cited certain locals’ “visceral reaction” to reports of foreigners gathering, drinking and flouting social distancing rules at Robertson Quay.

As a minister paid by taxpayers, Grace Fu should be condemning the AMDKs in the strongest possible terms for flagrantly flouting our CB laws and endangering others instead of blaming Singaporeans for being “xenophobic”.

How does demanding for EQUAL TREATMENT under the law be misconstrued as being “xenophobic” is anyone’s guess.

In fact, she ought to be ashamed that Singaporeans are calling for the AMDKs to be punished instead of trusting the criminal justice system to do the work because they have so little trust in it!

If the photos of these AMDKs drinking beer publicly at RQ did not go viral and cause a massive public outcry, do you seriously think action will be taken against them?

ASS Loyal Reader Michael

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