Covid19: Why Are Authorities Slacking With Those Who Break Circuit Breaker Rules?

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Now, I have been complaining to the NPP and even made many 999 calls regarding a group of people who flouted social distancing laws for a very long time! Til today, they stil persist in their unlawful activities!

At Commonwealth Drive 2A Hawker Centre, The group which consist of a chinese woman and a few guys (including indians and chinese) would gather at the tables of  Farok Muslim Stall to eat, drink without wearing a mask everynight WITHOUT FAIL.

The woman even served as a lookout for authorities for the group, I couldn’t get close enuff to take clear pics of them for safety reasons cos they are a rowdy bunch.

In another picture, the woman was found at the bus stop below Commonwealth Drive BLK 58 eating and drinking without mask in broad daylight! She stared at me fiercely from the front so I could only take her back pic.

In any case, CCTVs will be able to capture their illicit gatherings clearly and the authorities are aware of it cos I told them.

What I don’t understand is, the police and NEA told me they would convey my complaints  to the relevant agencies many times, and yet absolutely nothing has been done!

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