Commentary: Surge In FTs Having A Lot To Say About Singapore


Recently seeing a surge in FTs having a lot to say about Singapore, where they are living and working in.

In this case, this guy reading an article made by the NYtimes, and trying to shit on Singapore? His ancestors colonised and did so many terrible things to other countries in the past. I don’t even know where to begin.

And also, he probably came to Singapore and benefited from out economic success which was yes, partly due to the migrant workers not treated in the best way but if he was so disgusted he could always go somewhere else? And oh wait, its the same, or even worse everywhere else.

Lastly, that post has received lots of criticism and flak for it, so he should probably go and read up on why it is such a shit article.

No hate to you personally tho just sharing of thoughts.


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