Stop The Reemployment of High Ranking Civil Servants in Public and Statutory Boards After 62!

First sacred cow to trim is the re-employment of those beyond 62 yo whom fit the following criteria:
1. Former DD, Director, Senior Directors, Group Directors, Deputy Chief, CEO
2. Last drawn pay at least MX10 at 62yo

This bunch should be made redundant to free up the budget to:
1. Prevent the mass from getting pay cut
2. Recruit the Freshly minted graduates to drive productivity.

Most government bodies have inverted pyramid structures already. Many are 40-60 years old and draw high salaries. These bunch of post 62yo role in the organisation (civil service and public service, including Stat Board) is quite menial and most of the time is NATO role. Although they have a paycut to be re-employed, the eventual pay is still at least that of a Assistant Director, can employ 3 entry level new officers.

Because of their iron rice bowl, they continue to cling on to their high paying jobs. The government needs to know how to trim these and make them leave, otherwise they will just strain resources.

So, it is time to STOP the re-employment of Former DD, Director, Senior Directors, Group Directors, Deputy Chief, CEO in Civil, Public and Stat Board. They have lots of $ and assets already.

ASS Loyal Reader Jim

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