Covid19: MP Louis Ng Shared Poll for NDP Funpack which Closed Shortly After

After a May 21 petition to allow people to opt out of receiving the NDP funpack, Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Louis Ng shared a poll on his Facebook post on Monday (May 25) morning 9.38am. However at 5.52pm the same day, he updated that the poll was closed. That’s barely a full day. We’re not sure when it started but most people aren’t aware of it either.

The post read:

[ Do you want a NDP Funpack? ] We would like to hear your feedback regarding the distribution of the NDP 2020 Funpack to every Singaporean and Permanent Resident household.
Do share your views at:
And pls help share and spread the word

Netizens have been questioning whether the money that goes into the funpack could be put to better use since now the economy is suffering because of the covid19 pandemic. Do we really need sponsored items, water, snacks, tattoos, brochures and a whole bunch of items that will go to waste? Does the government think a funpack can cheer Singaporeans up during this gloomy times? Rather than wasting money on fireworks and putting up a parade, the government could be using the resources to support businesses and Singaporeans affected by this crisis instead.

If the government were more prudent in their spending, they should just forget about the parade. Now that Singaporeans are raising concerns about it, they decided to do a survey but then it was like a snap election. Are they really interested in Singaporeans’ feedback or not? Or they are just doing it for show?

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