Covid19: Lu Ding Ji Eatery Encountered Allegedly Abusive Sengkang Customer

Like most local restaurants, Lu Ding Ji had to adapt and allowed its customers to order food delivery during Covid19. Their food delivery service is even free from delivery charges. It is also understandable that many establishments are currently facing a manpower shortage, so Lu Ding Ji has to schedule their delivery timings as a time period from 12pm to 2pm. 

However, Lu Ding Ji happened to encounter an impatient and "abusive" customer from Sengkang. 

According to screenshots provided by the restaurant, they were exchanging messages with a customer named "Seng Kang".  Even when it was explained to her that the delivery person was in the midst of being contacted, the customer appeared insistent about getting a delivery timing from the restaurant. In the end, the food was delivered to the customer at 1pm.


But the incident did not end with the delivery. Screenshots showed that 1.5 hours after the food was delivered, the customer had not paid the restaurant. Instead she tried to delay payment by saying that she need to settle her things and "will take hours to do payment".

Lu Ding Ji has come out to defend its staff from such unappreciative behaviour where they are treated unfairly.

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