Covid19: Why Is The National Day Parade Still Allowed To Go On In The Midst Of a Pandemic?

Many people have been affected by Covid19. The economy is in recession, businesses are shutting, people have lost their jobs, some have taken pay cuts, and many others are apprehensive over their employment and economic stability.

During the Circuit Breaker measures, many have complied with government regulations and stayed home. Only essential goods, services and activites were allowed. Celebrations, graduations, anniversaries and events of grief were also either kept on hold or limited in size to maintain social distancing. Many have not seen their loved ones, relatives and friends in weeks, and miss them dearly.

Yet, the government somehow thinks that it is still appropriate to go ahead with the National Day Parade this year. The NDP costs alot of money. Why isn’t this money used to help the unemployed, or to supplement the income of front-line workers such as nurses and cleaners?

Does the government think that the NDP is an essential event? On the one hand, only essential workers are allowed to go to work, everyone else work from home. So is dancing, performing, packing fun packs is considered essential? This is just another cluster waiting to form.

The NDP is NOT an essential event. The government needs to get its priorities right in this time of pandemic.

ASS Loyal Reader Wong KF

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