Ex-DBS CECA Employee Accuses Singapore Of Practicing Racism

In August 2018, a former DBS Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) employee caused controversy when he posted an image of a Singapore flag being torn apart to reveal the India national flag. This image was shared into the Facebook group Singapore Indians & Expats, along with the words "Phir Bhi Dil Hai". He was investigated and eventually let off with a stern warning from the Singapore police.

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) even wrote sobstory for this Singapore PR, including how he allegedly could not find employment here. The article ended with him declaring his "unwavering" view about how he "still feel this (Singapore) is the best country in the world".

Fast forward to 2020, Singapore is facing the Covid19 pandemic. Singaporeans recently also had an outcry over groups of people including expats, who were loitering around the Robertson Quay area despite Circuit Breaker measures.

The ex-DBS employee took to his LinkedIn to criticise Singapore. He claimed Singapore is practicing racism by separately reporting Covid19 cases as foreigners vs locals and PRs. He even claimed that foreigners here are "made aware ten times a day" about their non-local status. His post was littered with questionable hashtags like #RacismBeginsWithSingapore #Racism and #Xenophobic.

With such a LinkedIn post, it is unsure if this CECA still has an unwavering view that Singapore is the best country in the world.

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