Covid19: The Circuit Breaker Has Made Me Cherish My Other Half

Recently theres a big hoo ha on how people has been treating their other half during this Circuit Breaker period.

Frankly speaking, being not able to meet the other half is really tough for the mental state (at least that is from my perspective). Missing my partner yet unable to be by his side physically has been a torture to me, as I really do miss him dearly.

I truly do not understand why some people simply couldn’t just appreciate the little things their partner is putting into the relationship for them. Do they really need to be so unappreciative? Even if the food / gifts doesn’t match up to their likings, why couldn’t they just say “Thank You”, and just accept the item being given to them? If they do not love their other half, why not just let go of them and let them move on to meet another person who I truly believe will cherish them, and love them the way they deserved?

I read this on an online article and I wished to share this with everyone:

Letting go of the person who doesn’t deserve your love because you are
creating a space in your life for love to grow back for yourself and
a space for those who are capable of loving you as much as you love them.

Most importantly, you are letting go of the person because you finally
realized your worth and that you deserve better.

You love the person still, but you realized that you need to love yourself
first in order for you to love others well. And letting go of that
person is good for your well-being and it is not being selfish. It is
called self-care.

I truly wished everyone can start treating your other half better, and do not only start regretting when the person decided to move on from your life.

I wasn’t a good girlfriend to my partner too, but I learnt it the hard way. Because of this CB period, I have learnt to cherish my boyfriend, BingZhao. I used to take it for granted that I am able to meet him everyday. Now, I cherish every minute I am able to video call him just to ask how was his day. CB period truly changed our lives. Please cherish your other half, and do not take anything in life for granted.

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