Covid19: Video of Mass Dance at Expo Investigated For Unauthorised Filming

An infectious video of a nurse leading a group of patients, mostly migrant workers, in a mass dance at the Expo community care facility has been flagged as an unauthorised filming of patient activity. What an anti-climax! It is not clear if it was a staff or patient who took the video but there was no doubt it raised the spirits of many, including other foreign workers, and whoever took it probably wanted to spread the cheer. Many have shared the video on social media, including Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

The reason for rules against filming and photography within the premises given by Woodlands Health Campus (WHC) is to protect patient confidentiality and staff have been briefed about it. What if a patient himself takes videos and photographs in the halls? Will action be taken against him?

It is unfortunate that a positive video showing that healthcare workers are helping patients to exercise and keep fit cannot be shared even if it is good PR. Perhaps, those managing the medical coverage at the halls are pre-empting the potential spread of a negative video which might expose problems and cause public outrage. Already, a viral video of disorder during meal collections at Changi Exhibition Centre raised many questions among netizens about how it could be allowed to happen. One more video is one too many.

Instead of investigating this harmless video, maybe it is better for the management to focus their efforts in supporting the healthcare workers during this time when they are taxed and overburdened.

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