Covid19: S’poreans Frustrated Over MND’s OneService App In Reporting People Who Flout CB Rules

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I have encountered some difficulties to report breaching of Circuit Breaker Measures and I believe a lot of people are sharing the same frustration judging from the comments on the Google Play Store for the One Service App.

A teenager frequently loiters outside my flat with a roller scooter and not wearing face mask. He would frequently pass my flat between 1am to 4 am in the morning with his noisey roller scooter and disturb my sleep.

On one occasion, a teenager did not wear face mask at the void deck lift lobby and enter the lift together with my mum. He is breaching circuit breaker rules by not wearing face mask at the void deck and inside the lift.

I have filed 2 police reports regarding these incidents and let them know the address of the teenager as well. The Police asked me to submit the case through One Service App. I have already submittted the case through One Service App for a long time. However, the situation still persists. The teenager still rides his roller scooter outside my flat every night between 1am to 4am. 

This is precisely why I escalate the matter to a Member of Parliament. After that, PA Constituency Director contacted me and said that he will work with Police and HDB regarding this case. However, the Police told me to submit the case through One Service App again.

I have already submitted the case through One Service app for a long time. However, the situation still persists. 

Is the One Service App just a token gesture by the government to pretend to collect feedback from Singaporeans, when in actual fact, it is just for show and they can't be bothered to take real action with the feedback that was given to them?

Update: I have since reached a harmonious settlement with the relative of the boy and he has since stopped riding his roller scooter. 

ASS Loyal Reader Boon Keng

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