Covid19: Ho Ching Says Ex-Nurse Talking Rubbish About Unhygienic Migrant Workers Mixing Around at Changi Exhibition Centre

According to expert Ho Ching, it is perfectly fine for patients at Changi Exhibition Centre to mingle around freely because they are "covided patients". She said the "ex-nurse" who claimed that the patients were unhygienic and not practising safe-distancing was talking "rubbish".


She wrote on her Facebook on 19 May,


"Firstly, the patients at Changi don’t have individual rooms in which they must be confined to stay – this is bcos they are all covided patients, and can freely mix with each other. At the Expo, the patients share 2 beds to a cubicle, except in 2 halls that were prepared earlier. However, the patients are not confined to their rooms, and can mingle freely among themselves. So this issue about migrant worker patients being unhygienic by mixing around is just rubbish. And if this is supposedly an observation by an ex-nurse, that “nurse” has a lot to learn, to put it politely."


She also said that the "ex-nurse" was bluffing that the migrant workers are suffering from conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. She wrote:


"Second, if the “nurse” claims that these migrant workers all have diabetes, etc, then he or she is either ignorant or throwing smoke. The CCFs are for younger patients who are healthy without underlying conditions. Patients who are older, or who have underlying conditions, are sent to the hospitals."


"Many young patients have mild illness from covid, regardless of whether they are millennials or migrant workers, regardless of whether they speak English, Hokkien, French or Bengali, regardless of whether they brush teeth or not."


She then took another shot at the "ex-nurse"

"So if there is really an ex-nurse grumbling that the changi exhibition centre, or CEC, is full of migrant workers in poor health, then this must be a very ignorant “nurse” who knows or knew very little of his or her patients. Finally, an ex-nurse who was recalled to help and not getting paid? Really? Really, really, really? If so, i think that this poor “ex-nurse” if he or she exists, would have every right to go complain to their supervisor, employer, or MOM, don’t you think?"


Expert Ho then explained how Singapore's approach in transferring the patients from Commuity Care facilities (CCF) to Community Recovery facilities (CRF) after two weeks is better than other countries.


"We just want to be kiasu to monitor them for another week to be doubly sure. We have heard of patients in other countries where they have been discharged and suddenly find themselves turning dangerously ill with an overreactive immune response from their own immune system. So it’s good to be cautious, until we gather more data of our own."


If we are really so cautious, we would have stopped mass activities much earlier and listened to advice to wear masks from real experts right? Why didn't expert Ho advise her husband earlier? What kind of experts are our country's leaders listening to?


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