Police Car Allegedly Swerves Two Lanes Along Holland Road

Dear Sir, can I suggest you to drive appropriately so that you do not cause unnecessary traffic accident? Especially during the Circuit Breaker period!

I was driving along Lornie Road while this horrendous experience took place, just before the traffic light at Empress Road Market and Food Centre. Police vehicle, QX758U was traveling on 4th lane, abruptly swerved to 2nd lane within the blink of an eye and sped off like a jet. 

If I had not been vigilant, accident would have taken place!

Regardless of whether you are a civilian or civil servant, do you have an explanation for your act?

1. You were on the 4th lane, there wasn’t any car ahead of you, what is the rational of switching lane? You were giving chases?

2. After you cut into my lane in a dangerous manner, I got a shock! By the time I regained at 60km/hr, you were almost out of sight. Your speed? You aware 70k/hr is the speed limit on that stretch?

3. I bypassed you on your right (1st lane) at the traffic light, you were still on the 2nd lane and eventually filtered into 4th Lane to exit at Holland Road.

4 To sum up, was there a need for you to switch lane in the first place? Was driving safely and considerately your concern?

Please do not drive in this manner, we both have a family and I’m sure they want us to be home safely.

Thank you.

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