Covid19: Ho Ching Tells Sinkies To Stop Whining And Be Swabber If They Think They Are Underpaid

Once again, the missus of the Prime Minister of our country has lashed out at Singaporeans who have voiced their grievances at how much swabbers are being paid vs how much our front line professionals, service staff and cleaning crew are paid. 

Mdm Ho says:

"For anyone who think their pay is unfairly lower than the swabbers, stop whining and go volunteer to be trained to do the swabbing. Covid volunteers are being trained for all sorts of paid jobs –
from admin to swabbing;
from cleaning to patient service;
from logistics and driving, to frontline support in the red zones.

We don’t take for granted their kindness and public spirit in volunteering –

We pay them properly, and yes, we will pay them higher than for easier and safer jobs."

For your information, swabbers without healthcare background or trained are being paid $3,800, while some entry level nurses don't even earn that much, much less our patient service or cleaning crew.

Is she saying that our nurses are whiners and they should just quit and apply to be swabber? Is she saying that our nurses are having an easier job than swabbers? If she thinks that nursing is too easy, she should step down from her ivory tower and work as a nurse instead of earning money sitting in her comfy office.

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