2020: The Year of a Pandemic And Terrible Weather

Damn this terrible weather

The world outside being covered with an invisible plague that could literally strike us at any moment, you’d think that at least we can go look outside the window and fantasize on the glorious things we’d do once she’s safe again ?

Well it turns out Mother Nature is a finicky mistress. Instead of the traditionally pleasant but warm weather of may, we’re given either buckets of rain, hot enough to dry grass and cloudiness at a degree in which you wonder why it’s not raining buckets. At the very least the cloudiness gives us some relief with it’s relatively fast speeds cooling us off like a free air conditioner. But more often than not, it’s either being drenched or roasted alive.

What kind of immoral act offended which divine entity to curse this world with this incredibly shitty year ?! More importantly, why are we indirectly suffering from it despite the chances of it being caused by us being incredibly minute ! Hell, with society grinding to a halt, I’m just really nitpicking on things right now. Why am I doing this ? Why are you reading this ? Someone please just get me my parents or some capable leader in the helm to tell the nation that everything will be fine while secretly rectifying the domestic infection in any manner that doesn’t already raise panic among the general populace.

Among all of the developed Asian Countries, we have performed horribly in containing the spread as of now. True the bulk of it is foreign workers, but they’re still human and they don’t deserve this fate. What’s the difference between places like Taiwan, Malaysia or Japan, all of which have done better than us at containing the spread and the rate of recovery ? Figure out how they are better within their institutions and you’ll see why we need to heavily reform ours. The answer may just be within the ballot box that we have to practice right after this crisis

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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