Covid19: Survey Shows Singaporeans Not Impressed With 4G Leadership Handling of Covid19

An international study conducted by Toluna and Blackbox Research found that many Singaporeans confidence in our political leaders are wavering and they are not impressed by the way they have handled the Covid19 pandemic.

The survey had asked respondents to rate their national political leaders’ response to the crisis on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent). Only 41% of Singaporeans rated their leaders highly, which means that 59% of those polled rated them less than favourably.

The survey also found that about 34% of the respondents were surprised at how poorly prepared Singapore was. This means that 66% of those polled were not surprised by the incompetence of the government.

Could these results be an indication that many Sinkies have lost faith in the current government, and could it also be an indication of the possible results at the ballot box in the upcoming elections? Only time will will.

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