Covid19: Passenger Gives Taxi Driver $100 for $10 Ride

The Covid19 pandemic has hit the taxi business hard in Singapore. Empathising with the situation, a kind Transcab passenger gave her taxi driver $90 tips for a 9-minute ride which only cost $10.47.

On 13 May, the taxi driver ferried the passenger from Takashimaya Shopping Centre to Evelyn Road. When she passed the driver $100 for the ride and asked him to keep the change, he was speechless. She insisted he kept the money, saying that has seen how taxi drivers have been struggling in recent days.

It is the first time the cabby has received such a big tip and he is extremely grateful. He told her it made his day and he is very happy.

Since the circuit breaker, taxi drivers saw a big dip in business, picking up one passenger after about one to two hours of driving and the fare being about $5-6 each trip. In the evening, they may not get a single passenger. The daily taxi rental is about $21.40, making the $90 tip sufficient to cover 5 days of rental!

Such acts of generosity are indeed rare as many would think twice before parting with their money. This act of kindness will surely be remembered fondly by the cabby. It goes a long way. Big shoutout to the kind passenger!

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