Covid19: Husband Films Wife Flashing in Public Places; Couple Selling Membership

A husband and wife team has taken advantage of emptier streets during the circuit breaker to film flashing videos to solicit paid membership for their Gangbang group. In one video circulating on WhatsApp, the woman was seen at the Entrance of Great World City pulling down her spaghetti strap top to reveal her breast. Within 3 months, their Twitter account @jcmn2402 attracted over 37,000 followers before it got suspended.

The Twitter account, which declared they are a married couple, contained around 400 sexually explicit photos and videos, including those of the woman in public locations across Singapore.

It stated:
“J&M Married F20s 160/42 M40s 180/80. Thoroughly enjoy hot & dirty GBs & always looking out for gracious respectful gents to indulge us! M is naughty & downright kinky but beware, has exquisite taste! Will tweet when we plan nights out & select gents then!”

A month after they created the Twitter account, they created a private Telegram group with sexual themes. Membership is $24.99 a month.

Last year, the authorities clamped down on pornographic Telegram group SG Nasi Lemak. However, there will always be such material going around as long as there is demand, even to the extent of the wife consenting to her husband advertising her for sexual activities.

In March, 4 husbands and 3 other men were accused of colluding to rape one another’s wives.

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