COVID19: Razer CEO Accused of Removing Criticism on Social Media

CEO of gaming firm Min-Liang Tan has been accused of blocking someone on Facebook when he suggested that its mask donation was a brilliant initiative to get people to sign up for Razer Pay.

On 11 May, gaming firm Razer announced that it would be dispensing about 5 million free surgical masks to Singapore residents through twenty vending machines across Singapore by 1 Jun. The catch here is that users must register for the mobile wallet app, Razer Pay, to verify their identity before they can redeem the masks. This gave rise to criticisms online that this so-called charitable act is actually a marketing ploy by the company.

When someone commented on Min-Liang’s personal Facebook page that Razer could have donated the masks to the government for their distribution with reusable masks in June instead of making it difficult for the elderly who may not own smartphones, the commenter was blocked.

The billionaire Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has been described by ex-employees as a dictator.

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