Mother’s Day Meal Order From Zichar Stall Unfulfilled

I pre-ordered from Hougang Blk 805 Seafood Kitchen Zichar stall 2 days in advance for Mother’s Day dinner at 6pm on 10 May and payment was made. However, on Mother’s Day, we waited from 6pm to 8pm and food still did not arrive. Hence, I took a cab from Punggol to the Hougang stall and asked them why my pre-order was not sent out. The lady kept telling me they were too busy till they forgot my order.

There was no apology and they kept saying their business was too busy. They asked me if it was ok if they cooked on the spot and I bring back the food by myself and I said ok. The lady came back to me again and said this and that food was sold out, making me more angry. What’s worse was that I saw they had orders to Jurong and other places.

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